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Bhoot story in english | ,

Bhoot story in english | ,

bhoot story in english, This is the case, when water was being given in the field at night, to avoid the heat of the day, this work was being done at night, it was very hot in the day, and at night the electricity was fine, the village According to the man whose name was Mohan, he saw that night what he had never seen before,

Story of Ghost Shadow :- Bhoot story in english

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bhoot story

He was watering his field for two days, when he came to water at night, he thought of taking some rest by running water as usual, when he was resting, then a man was coming from the front Mohan might have thought, it must also be giving water to his field, Mohan knew every man in his village,

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The man came to Mohan and sat down, said in Mohan who you are, I know everyone, that man said that you do not know me, I have come to someone, I do not live here, Mohan Said what are you doing here, now it is getting too night, you should go to the village,

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The man didn’t say anything, kept sitting quietly, Mohan was feeling very strange, the man said that now the house is no longer mine, Mohan asked why are you saying this, that man did not answer, Mohan said why don’t you answer, that man said that if I start answering then you will not be able to hear, Mohan thought that someone is crazy,

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Mohan said that you go to the village and take rest, I also have to take some rest, the man said that if I go, you will be very scared, Mohan said that I do not feel any fear, I am here everyday But I come, the man disappeared after Mohan said so, and when Mohan saw all this he fainted, when he opened his eyes it was morning, after that Mohan went to his house, more afraid than he had ever been. didn’t feel

Ghost story and man story :- bhoot story in english

The shadows of ghosts are rarely visible, perhaps this may be the reason, many people do not believe, but believe that what is not visible is true, because the sight of ghosts creates trouble in our life. Maybe life will change after that, so it is also okay that no ghost is seen, that’s why we do not believe, suppose you see the shadow of a ghost,

that haunted way

You get scared seeing him, you think, it might even follow me, you start moving away from him but it doesn’t seem easy you get scared too much, you can’t even go out at night, if a When fear has settled inside us, you always feel that it “ghost” It can come anywhere, then that fear follows you, it seems from all these things that if you have not seen the ghost then it is very good, now we move ahead in our story “Ghost Shadow” what a man saw

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After that his life was not good, he was coming to his house one day it was night time, he was coming alone, he was called by someone, he stopped, he looks back that someone is taking his name. is calling but no one is behind, he thinks that this is his illusion, or someone is really behind, was not understanding anything, he starts moving forward again, he gets the same voice again , he looks back, this time someone sees him, he was near the tree, the light was coming on him,

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He “Ghost Shadows” but why the man was not coming to him, he could not understand, he was thinking, maybe he knows him, so that man goes to him, but there was no one at that place, he gets scared, because he had heard the voice from here, but he was not visible, now he wanted to go home, so he starts going towards the house, but today he was not going home alone, he “Ghost Shadow” was also walking with him,

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bhoot story in english, The man was looking at another shadow with him, he was very scared, this fear was becoming a problem for him, he goes home and tells everything but then no one “shadow” No one can see, but when he sees he sees this problem became very much with that man, after few days he started getting sick his life had changed, he shadow lived with him He didn’t say anything, but the man was no longer leading a normal life, his fear was with him,

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