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Ghost stories in english |

Ghost stories in english |

ghost stories in english, Today I was going to tell you about the story of such a witch who had suffocated the people of the whole village and the whole village was very upset with him. Once upon a time, Pramod was reversing the files while sitting on his seat in his office. His office village which is in Saharanpur was there.

Story of a ghost haunted by a witch :- Ghost stories in english

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ghost stories in english

ghost stories in english, To go where one had to go through unpaved roads. There was an abundance of wild plants around the office. Except for the main door of the office, the rest of the parts seemed completely covered with weeds, etc. On the windows of office rooms, etc., there was an empire of long grass traps. There was a slight darkness in the office even during the day,

story of the cursed house

Due to which it seemed that this office was sitting quietly in the green valleys, immersed in some deep contemplation. Because the total number of employees in this office was only 5, out of which one was Karmaveer Kumar, who was serving here as a peon. Karmaveer Kumar was the only person whose work behavior made this quiet office sometimes vocal and woke up to the laughter of the employees.

Karmaveer Kumar, a resident of a nearby village, used to narrate some uncomfortable incident every day to the other 6 employees of the office. Especially whenever he entered the office, he would first go to Pramod’s room and start with saying Ram Ram that yesterday the village had become wonderful. When Sachin was caught by the witch in the forest, Manoj was faced with a terrible ghost. Until Karmaveer Kumar met all the employees and told the things of some ghosts, village Gada, he did not get rest.

story of the witch

If an employee would listen to the words of Karmaveer Kumar with ease, then someone would not give ear to him by saying only yes and would ask him to make tea by lighting a stop or try to avoid him by asking for water only. But listening to the words of Karmaveer Kumar very carefully and paying full attention, I am saying yes in between and asking some questions. Once upon a time, Karmaveer Kumar reached the office a little early and entered Pramod’s room directly. But Pramod was not in his chair at that time.

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Maybe they had not even reached the office yet. Karmaveer Kumar seemed a little scared and was repeatedly wiping the sweat coming on his forehead with a pot. As soon as he left the room, he saw Pramod standing on his bicycle in the office premises. He ran to Pramod and spoke in a panic, stammering without shouting. It was amazing last night.

an untoward story

My whole family is in trouble. I do not understand what to do. Pramod, pointing him to walk towards his room, entered his office room with rapid steps forward. Then, pointing to Karmaveer Kumar to sit on a chair, put his bag on the same table and come out of the room with a glass of water and wash his hands.

the story of the ghostly way

After that, after showing incense sticks to the photo of Bhole Baba in the room, sitting on his chair, said to Karmaveer Kumar, ‘Karmaveer Kumar, now tell your story in full detail. As soon as he got his permission, Karmaveer Kumar started saying, “Yesterday when I reached home in the evening, I came to know that my daughter-in-law had gone to the forest to arrange some wood etc. and there she was caught by the witch.

unheard story

She was wandering here and there in the forest when she was noticed by the shepherds of some of the cows and goats of the same village. They sensed the situation and took my daughter-in-law and left her at home. Then Monu Baba of the village blew the flag, after that got rid of that witch. But this morning again the witch has dominated her, since morning Monu Baba is trying to take her down, but she is not taking the name of leaving. I do not understand what to do. Pramod became a little serious after hearing the words of Karmaveer Kumar and suddenly did not know what he thought that he started laughing.

story of haunted house

Seeing this condition of Pramod, Karmaveer Kumar became even more stunned. They did not understand what had happened to them, even if there was no shadow of any ghost or ghost. Right now Karmaveer Kumar was thinking all this, when Pramod got up from his chair and without saying anything, leaving the room indicating Karmaveer Kumar to come after him. Coming out of the room, Pramod plucked some leaves from a nearby bush and muttered some mantras in his mind.

terrible ghost

Then while giving those leaves to Karmaveer Kumar, he said that you should grind it and give it to your daughter-in-law, and stay at your home. I will reach your home in 3-4 hours now after completing some important work in the office. Karmaveer Kumar without saying anything, just nodding his head and carrying those leaves towards the house. On the way he was being eaten only one thing that it has been 5 years since Pramod came here but he never mentioned that he also knows how to cast off ghosts.

that haunted way

Somewhere, jokingly, they did not give me these leaves by plucking them, muttering something in the hilt of lies. But Pramod cannot do this, he is a very serious person, and takes all our things very seriously and keeps on helping us in every way from time to time. No, they can’t joke with me. Thinking all this, Karmaveer Kumar reached home.

witch horror story

People of 11-12 villages were seen sitting outside the house. Monu Baba was also sitting on a cot and talking to the people. On seeing Karmaveer Kumar, Monu Baba said, Karmaveer Kumar, this witch is very insolent, had left the night but the morning came again. 3 4 hours I tried but not taking the name of leaving, still dancing in the courtyard.

ghost is ghost

real story of fear

My mantras are not having any effect on him now.

Even made fun of me. After all this, I left him and came out and sat down.

I can’t do anything now. He tried it all.

Karmaveer Kumar, sitting next to Monu Baba, shout to his girl,

His girl came out running from the house.

Then Karmaveer Kumar gave those leaves to him and said that

Now grind it and give it to the daughter-in-law.

Then force it.

After this the girl of Karmaveer Kumar went to the house with those leaves and

Grind those leaves and give it to your sister-in-law.

haunted hospital

Oh what, as soon as he went inside for a sip, the daughter-in-law of Karmaveer Kumar became very calm and sat there on a valley in the courtyard itself. There was a big difference in his behavior now. His jumping and dancing stopped. Karmaveer Kumar’s girl came out of the house running and looking at Karmaveer Kumar said. The daughter-in-law is now relaxed, she is now sitting peacefully in the courtyard itself. All the people who were sitting outside were shocked. After all, the witch who did not come in the bus with such a big soak, how can she come in the bus by feeding two or four leaves.

creepy jungle tales

Bhangarh ka fort

After all, how were those leaves? Was it brought from any religious place or given by some very big Pandit, Ojha, Sokha etc. One of the people sitting there looked at Karmaveer Kumar but before saying anything, Karmaveer Kumar told about those leaves. All the people bowed down to that Pramod without seeing it. Monu Baba said that in fact your Pramod has reached a lot.

peepal’s ghost

To make the witch on the bus, I took all the measures,

He was taken into the bus by two of his ministers.

Then Karmaveer Kumar sat down for a while and started praising Pramod.

Right now they were talking among themselves when Pramod’s cycle stopped there.

On seeing Pramod, Karmaveer Kumar ran and took the cycle from Pramod’s hand and parked himself and said,

Pramod, your leaves have done wonders.

Now the daughter-in-law is very good and is sitting peacefully in the courtyard.

As soon as Pramod said this, all the people sitting there stood up.

world of ghosts

Pramod, accepting everyone’s greetings, sat on a cot among them. Then Pramod called the daughter-in-law of Karmaveer Kumar out of the house. She was quite calm but Pramod felt that the witch is still here and will grab it again as soon as the effect of the leaf is over. Pramod started muttering some mantras while pointing to Karmaveer Kumar’s daughter-in-law to sit beside him. Oh what is this, the daughter-in-law of Karmaveer Kumar panicked and said, leave me, I am going,

when I saw a soul

I will never hold it again. Let me go, let me go, I’m burning, leave me. Seeing that witch begged like this, Karmaveer Kumar’s courage increased a lot. He said, Pramod, don’t leave it. But she kept begging for her life, ignoring the witch Karmaveer Kumar, looking at Pramod in a pitiful condition. Pramod looked serious. Looking angrily at the daughter-in-law of Karmaveer Kumar, he said who are you and why did you catch it.

ghost mystery

On this, the witch pleaded that I live in a nearby forest. I belong to Banjara family, once our family had set up their tent outside this forest. In the evening I entered the forest to collect wood. I did not know when I reached the dense forest and lost my way. By then it was night too. Complete darkness had started spreading in the forest. I was a little scared but didn’t lose my courage.

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Suddenly an idea came to my mind. I thought it was not right to find a way in this dark of night. Do not fall prey to any wild animal. So I took courage and sat down on a thick forest tree there. I thought that in the morning my family members would definitely come to find me and even if they did not come, I would find my way during the day. But that night may have come only for the end of my forest.

horror story of a house

There was a phantom’s camp on the tree on which I was sitting.

Everything was fine till midnight but

After that suddenly the ghost came from somewhere on that tree.

As soon as he came, it was as if there was a fierce storm in the whole forest.

The branches of many trees were shaking terrifyingly due to the strong wind.

I thought there’s only one way at the moment

Its words should be accepted and as the day progresses, it will be moved from here.

I gave my consent by nodding yes to him.

Little did I know that this consent would cost me dearly.

After saying this, the witch riding on Karmaveer Kumar’s daughter-in-law started crying bitterly.

old castle

Pramod became a little emotional and, showing some softness towards him, gave him a lot of water to drink. After drinking two or four sips of water, he started saying again. After giving my consent, I do not know where the ghost disappeared, as soon as it disappeared, I breathed a little peace, but it would not have passed even 10-15 minutes now that there has been an earthquake in that forest. A big storm has come.

How many trees are not known, how many branches fell on the earth. At least hundreds of ghosts were present there. There was screaming all around. Some were laughing in horror, some were jumping from this branch to that branch, and some were dancing with clapping. I had no idea what was happening at all. By then the same ghost again appeared to me and said that he had gone to arrange marriage. Had gone to call his family members.

a horror story

All these also have to be included in the marriage.

Oh what is it, now my evening has come. The whole body turned pale.

I did not have the courage to say anything, then suddenly a ghost appeared there and started fighting with that ghost.

She was saying that in my life you will get married again, never, never.

I won’t let that happen and with that said

That witch pushed me with that branch and

Mine was exhausted shortly after falling to the ground.

After saying this, the witch started crying again.

After this Pramod pointed to the witch to keep quiet and said that

After today you will never disturb these villagers.

ghost stories in english, The witch agreed and said that it is fine. But I am a very small soul. It is not known how many terrible terrible souls roam in these nearby forests. How will you be able to save this village people from all of them. Listening to this witch, Pramod said with a slight smile.

an old fort

ghost stories in english, You just leave it to me, how to deal with these people, the rest of the ghosts. After this, Pramod confessed to that witch thrice that he would never catch people again, so friends, in this way, Pramod finally got the villagers freed from that witch and since then the villagers have lived their lives with chains. started doing it.

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Ghost stories in english |

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