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‘The Purge 6’ – Frank Grillo Provides an Update on the Planned Next Movie

Last year’s The Forever Purge had been marketed as the franchise’s *final* movie, but creator James DeMonaco eventually walked back those statements with the suggestion that he may actually have one more Purge story in the tank. The plan? To bring Frank Grillo back as Leo Barnes, his character from The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year.

“I think I’m going to write the next one, and if the audience wants it, we’ll do it,” DeMonaco told Daily Dead last summer. “Again, I think I came up with a new way to flip the whole thing upside down, and it’ll be five years after [The Forever Purge], but it takes America in a whole new direction and I think it would be a very interesting place to explore.”

So what’s the latest on all that? Frank Grillo provides a fresh update to Empire Magazine in their February 2023 issue, which has been brought to our attention by Screen Rant.

Grillo tells the magazine, “[I’ve] got one more [Purge movie] left. James [DeMonaco] has the script. It focuses on the Leo Barnes character, and he wants to direct it. We’re working with Universal to see if we can pull this off before I’m in the old folks’ home.”

A former Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, Leo Barnes set out on Purge Night in The Purge: Anarchy to seek revenge for the drunk driving death of his son, though he ultimately spared the life of the man responsible. In The Purge: Election Year, Barnes is the head of security for senator Charlie Roan, eventually becoming the new Director of the Secret Service.

The sixth Purge movie would presumably find Leo Barnes once again fighting for his life in a very different America, with The Forever Purge turning it into an apocalyptic landscape.

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