Movies6 days ago ‘Terrifier 2’ Yule Log Burns Bright to the Tune of “The Clown Café”! [Video] …

Movies6 days ago

‘Terrifier 2’ Yule Log Burns Bright to the Tune of “The Clown Café”! [Video]

It’s yule log season and Art the Clown wants in on the fun.

One of the most memorable scenes in Damien Leone‘s slasher epic Terrifier 2 is when Sienna has a dream/vision of the iconic “Clown Café”, where the food’s a little funny.

Of course, Art the Clown emerges and ruins the fun, killing everyone in the room. Everyone except Sienna, that is. The chaos leaves the Café engulfed in flames.

We’ve taken a brief moment from this sequence and created our very own Yule Log, which will keep you nice and toasty as you sing along to the instantly memorable “The Clown Café” song. And don’t forget: Terrifier 2 is now streaming on the BD-powered SCREAMBOX!

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We did this all in a single year, and your support has meant the world to us.

SCREAMBOX has such sights to show you in the coming months, such as the terrifying The Outwaters, the Child’s Play series doc Living With Chucky, Family Dinner, Dawning, and the ultra gory Holy Shit!. There’s even more that’s yet to be announced…

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Movies6 days ago ‘Terrifier 2’ Yule Log Burns Bright to the Tune of “The Clown Café”! [Video] ...

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