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Places created by ghosts, horror story english

Places created by ghosts, horror story english

This ghost story (horror story in english ) is very popular, it is from Rathasi village, in which something like this happened many years ago, due to which it was found that ghosts had done the work here, you might not believe it. But that’s what happened

Places created by ghosts:- Horror story in english

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horror story in english

Today I am going to tell you about such a place. Which has not been created by any human but by the souls themselves. This place is located in Rajasthan. Where once there used to be the rule of princely states. There is a historical village named Rathasi situated at a distance of about 100 km from Jodhpur. The young Rajput princes residing at this place started harassing the sadhu mahatmas who were doing spiritual practice in the village. Angered by those princes, the sadhus cursed them that their future generations would not be able to live in this village. When the princes told about the curse of the sadhus in their house, everyone got scared and left the village. After leaving this village, the name of the village where he went to live is Rathasi village.

It is a historical village situated at a distance of about 100 kms from Jodhpur. There is a stepwell in this village, which is said to have been built with the help of ghosts, that is, ghosts helped the villagers in making that step. People come from far and wide to see this stepwell situated in the palace of Thakur Jaisingh. This story is popular about this stepwell that once when Thakur Jai Singh was going from Jodhpur to Ratasi village on horseback, on the way the horse of Thakur Saheb was left behind by the servants accompanying him and it was night. Went. The king’s horse was very tired and he was very thirsty. Seeing a pond on the way, Thakur Jaisingh took his horse to drink water.

It was midnight, as soon as the horse moved forward, the king saw a figure which slowly assumed a human body. The king was scared to see him, that phantom told the king that I am thirsty but due to the curse I cannot drink the water of this well. The king made the phantom drink water and seeing the kindness of the king, the phantom told him that whatever he asked, he would fulfill it. The king asked the phantom to build a stepwell in his palace and make his kingdom beautiful. The ghost accepted the king’s order and said that he will not do this work directly, but whatever work is done during the day, it will increase 100 times more during the night. That phantom asked the king not to tell this secret to anyone.

Two days after this incident, the buildings of the palace and the stepwell started being built. The mysterious sounds of stone pelting started coming in the night, day by day the construction work started increasing at a fast pace. But on the insistence of the queen, the king told this secret to the queen that how the construction is being completed so quickly. As soon as the king told this to the queen, all the work stopped there. The stepwell also remained the same. After this incident no one tried to build that stepwell. How to make it because when no one had the knowledge of making it. That’s why people believe that it was not created by humans but by ghosts.

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Places created by ghosts, horror story english

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