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The ruined house part one, horror story in english

The ruined house part one, horror story in english

The most scary story of ghost, (horror story in english) This story is about two friends, they were very good friends, one of them used to talk a lot but he did not believe in ghosts because he believed that One does not see whether he is there or not, what is known about it, but the other believed in the things of the ghost, the one who believed, his name was Niket and the one who did not believe was Sanjeev,

House in ruins story part one : horror story in english

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horror story in english

Sanjeev’s nature was always good because he used to talk well to everyone because there was always a smile in his words, Niket used to talk a little less but he believed his friend a lot, both of them lived in a small village, that village I did not have many people because it was part of a big village, some people had made their house at another place,

That’s why this village had become very small, Niket and Sanjeev’s house was at some distance and whenever it was evening, they used to go out of the house, and used to roam together, they were doing their studies by living in another city because the village I didn’t have any big school but there were big schools in his city, so he had come to his village in his vacation, although he used to come to his village every month, but this time he did not come for a few months,

That’s why when he came, it was a holiday, both of them used to study in the seventh grade, even both of them are introduced, now we move ahead, today many years have passed because both of them have grown up, and their – Have been engaged in our work, we do not know what you think about it or what your thoughts say,

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Because everyone knows this thing that it is not easy to believe in these things, but due to lack of proof, faith is a little difficult, but think only with whom anything happens and he comes and tells that it is like this with me. If it has happened, some of us will accept the matter and some do not, because some believe and some do not, that is the only difference, due to which all this happens,

It was evening, which happens every day, both of them had gone out for a walk, Sanjeev and Niket two had gone a long way while roaming, their eyes went to a ruined house, Niket did not know whose house it was but Sanjeev knew little, he said that this house is from many years ago, a family used to live here, one day that family had left this house,

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Only an old man was left in it, that old man did not want to leave his place, so he stayed and died here due to some disease, after that this house is lying like this, that house was very big and his Many trees and plants had grown all around, Niket was also feeling very scared, Sanjeev was not feeling anything like that,

Then Sanjeev said that we should go and see because we are not in any such house which is very old, Niket was refusing to go inside because he was also afraid, he did not want to go to any such place which is very scary. Yes, because that house was still lying in ruins, Sanjeev said that you will always be afraid, sometimes you are afraid of too much darkness, sometimes you get scared suddenly

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How long will this go on, you will have to think something, you will have to get out of this fear, Niket said that if I am afraid, then he will continue to feel that nothing will change in this, but what is there in this house that you want to go inside and see, Sanjeev said that there is nothing but maybe something can be found inside, Niket asked what is inside, Sanjeev said that I do not know, but until you go inside, how will you know,

Sanjeev was ready to go inside, Niket was compelled to stay with his friend, so both of them had gone inside when he found many plants growing inside because this house was very old, maybe This ruined house will be about fifty years old, so Sanjeev’s mind was trying to see the old house, in that old house the goods were kept like this while that stuff was broken

It seems that no one must have been scared here, Sanjeev was talking like this but Niket was silent, he was not saying anything, Niket said that now he should go outside because it has been a long time, then only one voice will be heard from another The room that came from the room seemed closed, it seemed that someone is on it but who can be, Sanjeev started thinking that there is someone else, we should see but what can happen,

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Sanjeev was not afraid but Niket was scared, because inside a closed big house where there is no roof, one can live on such a quarrel, while this village is very old, who can be here, such Thinking of this, Niket was very scared, but Sanjeev was moving towards the room where the sound was coming,

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When he stopped before going inside the room, he could see darkness in the room but it could not happen because the room was also looking broken, how can it be so dark in the room, Niket was scared,

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The ruined house part one, horror story in english

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