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The ruined house part two, ghost story in english

The ruined house part two, ghost story in english

You are getting here part two of the house lying in ruins (ghost story in english), if you have not read the first part of this story yet, then you can read it, we are here to give you the first part of this story. ,Read More-ruined house story part one, Let us tell you a little about it, so that you can understand the story better,

The story of the ruined house part two : ghost story in english

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ghost story in english

This is the story of two friends who come to their village on their vacation, Sanjeev and Niket. Sanjeev does not believe in ghosts while Niket believes in this, there are many people who do not believe in ghosts because when no one is visible If he gives, the question of his acceptance does not arise, Kher, we move forward, when both of them came to the village, they used to go out for a walk every evening,

While roaming, he comes to a house which has been lying in ruins for many years, that house is still the same, those who used to live in it left that place, but an old man did not accompany them, because He didn’t want to leave his house and for some reason he fell ill and he had died, after that that house is lying like this, now the condition of that house is not good, it was broken from many places, to see it So both the friends go inside and they hear some sound from a room,

They both go inside to see whose voice is this and when they reach inside it is very dark Now we read further, Sanjeev can’t believe why it is dark when the ceiling of the room is open Whereas when looking up, there is light but nothing is visible below, Niket says that let’s go from here, this place is not right, Sanjeev thinks about this,

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Sanjeev sits down to look in the dark, he sees some smoke on the ground, how is this smoke, the light above and the smoke below, the darkness in the room is strange. He also shows Niket, Niket does not look down and says that here Let me come here with you and now I am scared too, this place is very strange, Niket is already scared so he does not want to stop,

But Sanjeev does not understand anything, he wants to find out what it is, Niket looks up and gets very scared, Niket says look up Sanjeev it is getting dark even above, Sanjeev looked up And said that you are so afraid that you are not aware that the weather is getting worse, it seems that it is going to rain, he was about to go outside that very heavy rain had started, now Niket says that we should first Should have left here

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But you did not listen and now it is not even known when this rain will stop Where can this water be filled because it is difficult to stop the water here, Sanjeev was looking a little different, Niket said that now you are feeling strange here,

What was it when I was already saying, then you could not see anything, Sanjeev said that this is your habit, you get scared very quickly, till we will not know anything, how can we believe like this They were talking that the level of water was increasing very much, Sanjeev said that we should walk upwards or else this water will drown us, Sanjeev and Niket started going upstairs, that house was broken from many places it was hard to walk on it

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When both of them went to the terrace, their fear had also changed in reality, because there was no rain except in that house, but they did not see anything inside, they did not find anyone, yet they were afraid even though they did not want to. It seemed, how is it possible to rain at one place, Sanjeev could not understand anything, on the other hand Niket’s fear had increased a lot, he was already very afraid and now after this he was more scared, Niket was getting angry now,

Because he had decided to come here following Sanjeev’s words, Sanjeev said that we see a way out from here, Niket said that now we will not be able to get out of here because there is water below and the water is rising in such a way that on the roof Will come, Sanjeev was feeling strange at his words, how can water come on the roof, Niket said that when anything can happen in an open house, why can’t it come on the roof,

Sanjeev was believing his words, now he also felt that it was true, Sanjeev looked around the roof, he had to see something to get out of there, only then a tree was seen from that house, Sanjeev said that look, we can get down from that tree, Niket said that it will be fine, we can get down from here, both of them started going down from the tree, as they were coming down, the rain also stopped. was happening,

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When he had come down, the rain had also stopped, on seeing that house it seemed that there was no rain there, because it was again as it was before, now from Sanjeev Niket said that he has seen ghosts, but Sanjeev said that I have not seen any ghost, Niket said that whatever has happened here, who else can tell,

Sanjeev said that look, there is a ghost here, not here, I do not know this, but I believe that there is something strange here, there is some power here which is preventing us from staying inside, when we went inside, nothing It was not happening and when we stayed inside for some time then it started happening, so that power thinks that we should not stay inside when there is some sound, we wanted to see that voice indicating to us. is that we should have left from there, but we went to see,

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When we went there, the roof of the room was open, while it was dark below and there was smoke on the ground, even seeing that no one could stop there, but we were still staying there when it was too late for us. This happened together, so I believe that there is something strange here and now we should go home tonight, Niket was just saying that now I will not go to such a place with you because you always create such trouble. handjob

After that both of them had come to the house while talking, they did not tell this thing to anyone because it is possible that other people make fun of hearing this thing, so they kept this thing to themselves, this thing is very much today. It has been years, whenever he goes to his village, he sees that house even today and he still does not have the courage to go inside that house,

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The ruined house part two, ghost story in english

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